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Music in a Garden
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••Wednesday•, 20 •November• 2013 15:05•

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Concert 9 November 2013
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••Tuesday•, 15 •October• 2013 13:52•

CU Single Reed Concert 29 June 2013
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••Friday•, 31 •May• 2013 13:36•


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Handy Indy Concert 8
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••Wednesday•, 19 •December• 2012 12:02•

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Twilight Concert 2012 Eng Version
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••Monday•, 03 •December• 2012 13:14•

CHIANG RAI Celebrates 750th Birthday  29th December 2012


A charity concert entitled “A Twilight Concerto 2012” will be performed at the Oberatum Villa Darakorn

(25 minutes from downtown Chiang Rai) and be based upon the theme “A Love Story.”

The concert will be performedby the combined ChiangRai Youth Orchestra(CYO)and the CU Symphony Orchestra,

with all net profits being donated to support the poorer children of Chiang Rai.

Event Performance timesFrom 14.30onwards.

The event is being organized by The Chiang Rai Violin Club in association with VillaDarakorn and the Office of

Art and Culture of Chulalongkorn University.

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Twilight Concert 2012
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••Tuesday•, 27 •November• 2012 21:20•

•Last Updated on ••Wednesday•, 02 •October• 2019 14:55••
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Trio Chicago & Friends Concert
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••Saturday•, 06 •October• 2012 16:07•

•Last Updated on ••Tuesday•, 09 •October• 2012 17:42••
Concert Kobayashi and Gray Dou
•Written by Administrator•   
••Tuesday•, 26 •June• 2012 20:21•

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CU Workshop 2012
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••Tuesday•, 12 •June• 2012 11:42•

Chulalongkorn University Symphony Orchestra

cooperation with

Chiangrai Youth Orchestra

Music Camp (Workshop)

Detail :     July Sat 7-9, 2012   9:00-16:00       Workshop     at      Chiangrai Youth Orchestra Center 


Artistic Director : Choochart Pitaksakorn

4 Musicians : String Quartet

1st Violin : Panuwat Watthanajinda         

2nd Violin : Pakorn Udomchup

Viola : Kajornsak Ma-laorpech                       

Cello : Siripong Keetasilpsakul

Manager : Sirowut Srinitedwatin

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Violin Work Shop 30 April - 2 May 2012
•Written by Administrator•   
••Tuesday•, 24 •April• 2012 13:20•


 Violin Workshop Violin with Dr.Greg (famous violin Teacher from USA)
Time/Day 30 April, 1 May, 2 May
13.00 - 15.00 Work Shop Violin pedagogy with CYO Teacher 
15.10 - 16.00 Master Class with Talent Students from CYO
16.10 - 18.00 Work Shop with Strings Group (20 - 30 Students)
Gregory Hurley
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin; M.M., University of Texas; B.M., University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Greg Hurley is associate professor of music education at East Carolina University where he teaches courses in instrumental (strings) and general music education at the undergraduate and graduate levels and supervises student teachers. He has performed with the Greeley, CO, Philharmonic Orchestra as principal violist; is editor of the String Syllabus, a publication of the American String Teachers Association; serves on the editorial board of theJournal of String Research; headed the UNC String Project, and sits on state and regional boards for ASTA and NSOA. As pointed out in the American String Teacher, he is one of the leading string music educators in the United States.
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CYO Live Concer in Bangkok
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••Wednesday•, 07 •March• 2012 18:13•

•Last Updated on ••Friday•, 23 •March• 2012 14:05••
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