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••Thursday•, 02 •November• 2017 22:02•

"A Concert of 16 Anniversary Chiangrai Youth Orchestra"

Theme "Classic at Lanna Moonlight"



Richard Harvey (Woodwind)

Richard Harvey recently scored the music for Mark Osborne's 'The Little Prince' (2015/16) with long

term collaborator and Hollywood legend Hans Zimmer. Alongside a very proactive writing output over

the last few years, he is perhaps otherwise best known for his work on The Da Vinci Code (2006),

Eichmann (2007),Interstellar (2014), Les deux mondes (2007), Arabian Nights (2000). He is a

frequent collaborator with Hans Zimmer and won a British Academy Award for his collaborative effort

with Elvis Costello on Alan Bleasdale's G.B.H. (1991). He is also an important presence in the Thai

film industry, composing for epic Legend of King Naresuan: Hostage of Hongsawadi (2007).


Paramet Lerdkasem(CYO Music Director)

founded Chiangrai Youth Orchestra and Chiangrai Violin Club 15 years ago. He has instructed

hundreds of young musicians on string instruments. He is an important figure in the classical music

scene in Chiang Rai


Kanin Pruekprasert (Vocalist)

Graduated from Siriraj medicine school and qualified as a surgeon, his love of music brought him

into singing which eventually become part of his life as he enjoys singing with his musician friends

after work. Kanin has been featured in various musical events on Siriraj campus, and has performed

in multiple charity concerts including Siriraj music lovers’ concert I & II.


Sirikorn Kaewprain (Pianist)

Sirikorn graduated Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Chiang Mai University. She started

playing piano at the age of 6 and completed Trinity College London Grade 8 Piano in 2010. She is a

Piano teacher of CYO, she is skilled in her method of teaching and she understands the needs of her

students. She participated in the concert "Falling In My Heart" and "The Memory Of King Bhumibol at

Singha Park".


Akrawin Yodprasit (Cellist)

Studying Faculty of Fine and Applied Art , Bachelor's Degree of Art, Western Music Department,

Majoring in Cello Chulalongkorn University.

-Recipient Member of Chiangrai Youth Orchestra.

-Recipient Member of Thai Youth Orchestra.

-Member of Chulalongkorn Symphony Orchestra


Naomi Verschuur (Cellist)

15 years old. I have been learning the Cello for about 4 years. I currently attend Chiang Rai

International Christian School.


Chaiwat Charoensak(Violinist) 

Student of Chiang Your Orchestar. He has study violin for 4 years and he completed ABRSM in

grade 5. He participated Hight Scorers' Concert at Bandkok.


Tridtamon Deewarat (Lanna Traditional Dancer)


who really likes in Lanna Traditional Dancing. She started to learn the dance from

Mrs. Buariao Ratnomiphon or Maecru Buariao, the Nation Artist in 2015. Tridtamon’ve performed

her dancing for many times in Chiangrai. At the ‘Classic at Lanna Moonlight’ concert, she’ll perform

her Font Saw Mai along with the orchestra.


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