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••Wednesday•, 20 •April• 2011 13:24•

Chiangrai Youth Orchestra (CYO)


CYO is a remarkable project founded by the violin teacher Paramet Lertkasem in 2001, providing free violin lessons to hundreds of Chiangrai students (ages between 6 & 18) in several schools in town. The CYO rehearses once a week & continues to grow from strength to strength. Each year the CYO gives its big ‘Twilight’ concert in addition to several mini concert activities. CYO receives support from several groups - music lovers  both in Bangkok and abroad. Today CYO consists of 80 members (violin, viola, cello, and double bass), and in recent years four CYO violinists have  passed the audition to attend  colleges  of music  in Bangkok to study for  professional diplomas . 


The Youth Violin Club of Chiangrai was created by Mr Paramet Lerdkasem in 2001. From its start with 50 students, it later evolved to become the quality ensemble of today:


The Chiangrai Youth Orchestra.


The aims of the orchestra is to introduce the string instruments to the children of the country side and teach them to love and play classical music.


After several years of hard work, and without supporting budget from the government, the aims have been reached.


With the help of foreign violin masters such as Geertje Podevyn, of Belgium, and Mr Wittaya Tumornsoontorn, of the Board of Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Mr Paramet Lerdkasem and his orchestra is now renowned and has been aplauded around the country.


Today, the Chiangrai Youth Orchestra is formed by around 80 students selected from 10 schools of the Chiangrai province and performed in places such as embassies, high end hotels, King's birthday parties.


The aims and chalenges for the future include building an auditorium, practice with the best teachers, acquire more quality instruments for disadvanted students and keep offering complementary lessons to the most talented.



The Chiangrai Youth Orchestra is formed by 80 young and talented violin viola cello and double bass students.

The aim of the orchestra is to offer the highest quality music and concerts.



Keeping violin playing as a pleasure is of utmost importance. Music brings happiness to the life of the students, and playing together for an audience is their gift to music and the senses of the music lovers.

The result is an orchestra with a particular athmosphere: All violinists who play in the orchestra do it for a single reason; They love it!


A bridge across cultures and origins:

The members of the orchestra are young students who come from all parts of the Chiangrai province, from every social level, government, local and international schools. Through music, regardless of the origin, everyone enjoys life and violin playing together.


Concerts for the pleasure the eyes too...


To the beauty of music, the Chiangrai Youth Orchestra also adds a wonderful visual aspect to the experience. The presence of the young hill tribes violinists is the visual highlight which adds even more charm to our concerts.

A multicultural ensemble...

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